Bearded Lavender Silkie hatching eggs

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    Mar 1, 2008
    I am selling bearded lavender silkie eggs. The lavender color is extremely hard to find. We have a small backyard flock my daughters raise that are fed organic corn/soy free feed. They are healthy and all have beautiful feathers and toes. They are $40 ½ dozen or $75 a dozen, which includes Priority Shipping. You can upgrade to Priority Express for an additional $15 and be guaranteed 2 day shipping. I can ship anywhere in the continental US, payment through Paypal only.
    I bubble wrap eggs, air cell up, individually and double box them to help ensure a safe arrival, however I cannot guarantee how they are handled, when they arrive, or a successful hatch rate. Priority shipping is usually 2-3 day shipping but I have had it be 4 days before, so mailing on a Monday or Tuesday is best so they don’t sit any longer through the weekend. If there is an issue with shipping, I will do everything I can to help you file your claim, but since you have the evidence of damage and can personally go to the office and show it this is easier from your end. Please let me know if you have a preference in how your eggs are packed, an additional charge may be involved if I don’t have the supplies on hand.
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    Do you have any lavender silkie hatching eggs for Sale?

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