Bearded Muffed Rumpless Project #1

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11 Years
Sep 5, 2008
I have some very cute and quite beautiful trios that have araucana daddies and wheaten or blue wheaten ameraucana mothers or my olived egger blue copper hen. These are matched trios, all of these babies are friendly. I do ship, boxes are $10 and shipping can vary based on your location.

Trio starts at $45 unless others bid more.


This trio consists of the rumpless male and female and one full tailed female. I couldn't get a photo of her that day. All have full beards and muffs, tailed pullet is exactly colored as rumpless girl pictured here. Cockerel is VERY friendly and has a wonderful look about him.


These will probably be olive eggers.
Those would be PERFECT for my Black Copper project pullet!! . . . . Now, let's hope I still have some money left this weekend!!

I do notice that black x wheaten make a wonderful mock-black copper color. What are the chances you've got at least a male floating around who does NOT have Olive Egger parents, but instead Wheaten/Blue Wheaten parent?
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The only other one I have is probably the splash cockerel in the other auction. I can always make 'more' of these, LOL, but not until next year. They were just test hatches for very inisitant broody hens. I was recovering from knee replacement this opast spring and could not seperate my breeder groups up until later in the summer. So these wild child chicks resulted. They are all very sturdy things, got some hybred vigor going on I think!

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