beautiful bird for breeding but EXCESSIVE CROWING!

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    May 1, 2012
    Not sure it is a right thread but I will start here.
    I am thinking about self-sufficient flock of Marans, meaning, so the roosters reproduce the chicks, and not buying new chicks every year.
    I have a BEAUTIFUL Maran lead rooster.... Black Copper Maran. I really want an offspring from him. But he crows exxcesively lately. Neighbours feel it is too much too.
    So I think he is going through adolescent faze. Is it possible he grows out of it. Becasue it is exxcessive a bit even for me. I have another roosters, they are not so loud crowers, but again, they are not od the same beauty as this one.
    For now I put him in the garage for awhile. I really hope he settles down
    But how long do I wait?
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!

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