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9 Years
May 22, 2010
Up for your consideration is this beautiful blue splash pair, consisting of my gorgeous splash hen who took RV at the Western Silkie Nationals this year in strong competition and a very nice young blue cockerel. The hen is barely a year old and the cockerel is approximately 8 months old. I would like to keep these birds, but I have to clear out pens to make way for new projects and youngsters, so this is your chance to buy a proven show winner. As you can see, the hen is extremely typey - beautiful shredded wings, great balance and a show-off attitude. Her only fault is poor separation between 4th and 5th toes on one foot. The cockerel is a very nicely balanced boy that gets prettier each day. Nice crest, beautiful comb, nice tight wings. He has some webbing between 4th and 5th toes on one foot and I just noticed today that he has a smattering of silver leakage showing up on his hackle, but it is barely noticeable. These birds were vaccinated for Marek's Disease at hatch and come from an NPIP certified and AI tested clean flock. They will come to you bathed and bug free in a new shipping box and will be shipped the Tuesday after memorial day. PLEASE do NOT bid if your weather is too hot for shipping! I've put a reasonable reserve on these birds because I'd rather keep them than give them away:) Payment via paypal due at auction's end - please no e-checks as they take way too long to clear. Please email or pm with any questions and thank you for looking.



They are beautiful!!! I wish it wasn't so hot here! I would bid on them in a second! Then my husband would have to go outside and build me a new coop in the 90 degree weather
Streakinstones I totally agree! I WANT them too! Wayyyyyy too hot here in southern md

Karen has the BEST birds! I own 3 of them and have a bator full of her eggs
Thanks so much everyone. I should have turned on my "no vacancy" sign, but somehow they just kept coming out of the incubator:) Hopefully someone has room for them:) It's cold and wet here - sure does not seem like the end of May:(

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