Beautiful Buff Silkie Roo

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    Apr 26, 2010
    I have a buff silkie roo that need a flock. He is about 4 months old and is gorgeous (although he is in the middle of molting)! He has a great beard and crest and great feathering on his feet. I was hoping to show him when he got a little older, but he crows and we live in a neighborhood, so the parents say he has to go [​IMG] Fonzo is a nicely feathered boy. He is on the heavier side and the dominant roo in my flock (not mean, but in charge). He has a little blue in his tail, but he should molt that out, as his parents were pure SQ buffs. Fonzo is mellow and gets carried around by my 6 yo brother. He has a nice correct walnut comb. I am asking $20 obo as he should be an awesome show/breeder bird. He needs to be picked up in Maple Valley, Washington.

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