Beautiful, Friendly Light Brahma Roosters-NE Ohio


11 Years
Oct 28, 2008
I have 3 Light Brahma Roosters or Brahma/Tetra Tint mix (all beautifully marked and very friendly) that need a good home. Please no meat intentions! They are very protective of their ladies and are enjoyable to watch. However I have 6 total and well lets just say they are very sexually charged and are literally tearing my ladies up! I am NE Ohio. No shipping. Free to good homes only!
Hi! We are new to having these wonderful birds. We have four chicks and two ducks. We would love to add a rooster to the bunch. Do you think this would be a good idea? They are going on 5 weeks and a great bunch. We are located in Lisbon. Thank you!
probably a little small for a full size extra large rooster.. also did you purchase pullets or straight run birds.. cause depending on where you got them from I would venture a guess you probably have a rooster in the mix!!! If not I will most likely have them when your crew gets a bit larger! Trust me when I say they are big.. I am 5'8 and when they stand up their heads are at my knee level or a bit above! But so beautiful and laid back.. however too frisky for my ladies!

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