Beautiful little mystery he/she a game bird? Easter Egger?


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Apr 21, 2014
Sold at our local feed store as Araucanas, we knew they probably were something else. We're new to the chicken world and so many breeds look similar as chicks. Does anyone know what they are? And even better, is the one chick in the photos male or female?

The dark ones in this pic are from the same batch

The rest of the pics are of the same chick over the past few weeks

6 or 7 weeks in the last 2 pics

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They are for sure not Araucanas or Easter eggers. I'd say they could be, and this is just a guess...brown leghorns. Or more likely speckled Sussex, keep in mind these are guesses! Lol ;)
I've been looking through all the breeds on this site and the chicks definitely resemble the brown leghorn and sussex...maybe more so the sussex :)
Yes I'm thinking Speckled Sussex too...although if the white feathers drop out and the chest fills in with the salmon, she might be a can be hard to tell the two apart until more mature feathers come in.

But yes, I think those splotches look more permanent than transitory. Welsummers SHOULD have yellow legs as well. Brown Leghorns should have yellow legs too, and don't get those white splotches.

Lady of McCamley

Here's my Welsummer chick when she was in transition...I couldn't tell the difference for a while (and neither could others)...she got some white on her chest which grew out into lovely salmon. And while she had some white spotting it never seemed to be permanent.

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