Bedding for Emu


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5 Years
Apr 15, 2014
Orlando, FL
Hi I am trying to find the safest bedding for emu chicks until they're ready to go outside. Right now I'm using pine shavings which are extremely messy. I've been reading corn cob is not about paper pellets? Anyone have any with experience with this? Any input would be appreciated.
Are your chicks on a cement floor? From my experience the slipperier the floor the more leg problems. I use a woven belting that comes out of a wood chip mill. I can cut it to the size of my indoor chick pen. I expect that would be hard to get but you could look for something similar ie non slip and easy to wash out (even the porous shelf liners if you can get them big enough). On top of the belting I use shavings to soak up the litter. I heard of a chicken producer who uses brown peat moss that he gets at a feed store. He says it works very well and controls odour.

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