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    I'm wanting to add bedding in the runs of my coops. They are completely covered, after rain it is mostly dry in there. I have high quality polish so I want to keep them out of the dirt so their crests and bodies stay clean and don't get stained as much, and I think my ground is clay based so when they scratch it builds up under the claws and is impossible to get off even after soaking for twenty minutes.

    There is three layers of wire, 2x4 welded wire, chicken wire, and then wire mesh, so I don't think bedding will get kicked out much. Plus it will be warmer for winter. I want to do deep litter method and just turn the bedding and add more when necessary so how deep should I go? Is there any thing else? I know sand won't work because it stains their crest and body's brown.
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    I don't think theres a limit as to how deep you can go. As long as the bedding on the top layer is clean and dry there should be no concern about how deep it gets. Im sure that as the bottom layer starts to decompose and the chickens keep it packed down it wont get extremely deep anyway.
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    Yes, I have my deep litter bedding at 12-24 inches deep in my outdoor run...

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