Bedding material for nest boxes

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    Jan 31, 2015
    This may not be the right place, but I thought this section made most sense. What do you all use for nest box bedding? Also has anyone used this or a DIY version of this? I'm considering getting what I can of this mix and using in nest boxes when my girls are laying. Opinions?
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    I currently use sand since I have some that sleep in there and I have to sift it with a kitty litter scoop daily (the whole coop is also in sand). I wear an N95 mask when sifting sand, as it is bad to breathe.
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    Dec 13, 2014
    Just read this tonight when it was in my recent posts list, generally if you have time to kill you can find an answer to anything on here !! Even google searches lead right back to this site lol

    I currently just use wood shavings but none of my girls are laying yet (very soon I hope, we just hit 20 weeks! ) my last lot years ago I used rice husk, not as absorbent but worked fine
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    I like straw because it's less likely to get kicked out and forms a nice thick cushion, especially once it's been tamped down into a nice 'bowl'....and it differentiates between floor(pine shavings) and roost board(sand and PDZ).

    The potpourris stuff you linked is snake oil IMO...I sift a little food grade DE thru the straw in the nests every time I change the straw out to deter pests.
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    I have been using my shredded junk mail and bills for years without issue in the nest boxes.

    Yes, they will eat some, as they do everything else.

    Inks today are nontoxic, and I don't use shiny papers.

    Cleanups, if necessary are easy, and the material is cost effective and endless.

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