Bedding? With or without


10 Years
Apr 28, 2009
I have been putting pine shavings in my ducks house but now that I have a new little problem...FIRE ANTS...I fill like I'm wasting the shavings by changing them out in order to control the ants. Would it be okay to just let them (my ducks) be on the wood, and use no type of bedding? This way I can wash out the house every day, the water, poop and spilled feed will flow through the bottom cracks in the floor. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks. Trying to battle these little demons is hard to do. I don't want to put the ducks in their house at night with ants crawling all in their shavings.
No it won't it's weather treated. It's from a boat dock that my husband and to redeck.
Any other thoughts? Do ducks need a type "nest" to sleep in? I know they will when the ducks start laying, but for now is it okay for them to be on straight wood?
my 2 ducks sleep on the dirt! We used hay, sticks, leaves(he did like them) and they stuck with dirt!

Grits down the ant mounts will kill them and is safe around ducks........Swells in their bodies and kills them!
i'll try that. i've tried cornmeal but that didn't was something i read somewhere. trust me i'll try anything


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