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Aug 1, 2016
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What do you put on the floor of your coop? I've got straw but found today when I tried to clean up the poo it was hard to get just the poo and ended up wasting a lot of straw. I've read mixed things regarding pine shavings so am curious to read what more experienced chicken lovers do. Apologies if this has been asked before!


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Welcome to BYC!

There are many different ways to manage chicken manure.
Some can depend on your climate.
Putting your location in your profile can help folks give better answers/suggestions.
Some can depend on your personal preference, size of coop, number of birds, where you plan to dispose of poop...there are many variables, thus many techniques.

I use sand/PDZ mix 1/2" deep on poop boards under roosts to manage most the poop, sifting poops out every other day.

Kiln dried large flake pine shavings on floor or coop and don't pick up poops from floor but do a total change out 1-2 times a year.

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