Bedford township Battle Creek MI support needed!!


5 Years
Sep 26, 2014
Hello everyone! I am asking anyone who lives in Bedford township in Battle Creek, MI to come to the next 2 township meetings. The township is trying to make me get rid of my children's beloved Silkies in spite of the fact that there is no ordinance against them. There is nothing against them in the zoning either. We have had chickens for 3 years with no complaints whatsoever. We checked, no complaints. A lady that works for the township happened to see our chickens when she drove down the road for a garage sale. If the bushes had had more leaves she never even would have seen them or heard them. We could use some support at the next 2 board meetings. I have noticed hardly anyone ever comes to any of the meetings, this is why the township is able to do whatever they want, most people never speak up against them. We as a community need to change that. Please come out and help us fight for our rights to use our property as we wish as long as no one else's rights are being affected. Thanks!

p.s. any ideas on how to fight them would be appreciated too!

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