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Hello all, I am wondering if anyone has experience with keeping bees along with their chickens. I am looking into getting a hive and believe that my chickens would adjust but I wanted some sage advice before I went out and did it.
Happy Trails Y'all
I have bees and chickens. The hive & coop are quite a distance from each other so no real issues. They both seem to be super-addicting, however. Enjoy!
Just curious, I have been thinking of getting bees but they'd be close to the coop. What issues would be caused by having them close to a coop? They just like to be rather isolated?
I keep bees and chickens and have no problems. One of my hives is right up against my coop and the other 8 are within 50 feet.
Thank you! Because that is where I planned to put mine, right up against the coop. Just seems to be the best place. Other than the chickens, they'd be most isolated there. I don't think the chickens will bother them nor them the chickens though I can sort of fence off that spot if needed to keep the chickens away from it.
No worries, I can't stand guineas. They are loud and wont' stay where you want them. And now I have a third reason lol. I love my wasps and bees both, wouldn't want something eating them.
Oh no, I have guineas! I did not consider them, but have seen them jumping up and eating flying things. Well, I will have to wait on the bees for now it seems. My land had cattle on it at one time and the ticks and scorpions were awful until I set loose the guinea fowl.
Thanks for all the help guys!
Happy Trails
We have bees and chickens with no issues. We have 3 hives and the chickens don't even notice the bees, but they are in different corners of the backyard. I have heard that guineas will sit in front of the hive eating bees as they come in and out of the hive. My husband it taking his hands-on test on Sunday to become a certified bee keeper. Wish him luck!
I am so curious about keeing bees! There is a Hive about 10 Kms down the road from our home, and I noticed that in the springtime there are so many Honey Bee's in our trees and gardens that the noise is louder than a lawn mower, and Im not joking! I wonder, would it be okay to start my own hive, having this other hive rather close? I wouldnt be interfering or stealing his bee's would I? Im not sure how it works at all, but I have been thinking about looking into for weeks, so I might just have to do that!

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