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    Apr 23, 2014
    Been a while since I have been on here! Update:

    The Coolie Coop is done but still got a few lil things to do to it...My 2 hens(6 months) are living in it already.
    The Coole Coop 2 is in progress. My yr old hen I keep separate from the others for when she ventures out the roo jumps her over and over and the 2 pullets bum rush her...she has gotten so frail but still gives me them eggs =} The roo sleeps with her in their quarters and they re fine. He doesn't want to be with the young ones.

    If it wasn't for this site I would have NEVER gotten this far with my chickens...

    trying to get my hen bulked up again...I feed her twice aday(tuna,yorgurt, ground egg shells, sometimes grapes, peanuts, greens, even hard boiled eggs...I will take ANY advise if I am doing this wrong. She so wants to go out to play. Her feathers on her back are messed up..I did buy them capes for chickens but she couldn't walk when I put it on,, I do leave the door open and everyone visits her but she doesn't go outside because of the roo. Everyone free ranges during the day and locked up at night due to the wildlife out here...Saw a possum stalking my coop the other night but I built them coops ford tuff! [​IMG]

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