Been Gone...Prayers...Praise and some life lessons


11 Years
Jun 21, 2008
South Texas
The kids and I just arrived home last night from our nearly 2 week sad adventure north. My husband was with us during most of this trek which was a miracle. He works over seas and happen to have a few days off to fly home. I sent him off to Pittsburg on Sunday before we headed back to Texas. He leaves there end of this week to head back to the shipyard overseas.

So, I am asking for prayers of strength in the next few months. Not only for me, but for my father. You see, we lost my mother unexpectedly on the 27th of Feb.

My mother has been suffering with a disease called Pulmonary Fibrosis. It is an auto immune disease where your body attacks your lung tissue and hardens it. Basically a terminal disease. The only cure or option in the end is lung transplant. In dealing with this she has been on steriods for that amount of time also. Not something really easy on your body. She was on the lung transplant list and got her call on the 26th. Due to tissue damage caused by years of steriods, her heart tissue tore and she bled during surgery. Basically she never woke up.

The praise I have for God is that he brought us back together 2 years ago. I didn't have an easy childhood and had a falling out with my family nearly 20 years ago. I had no idea until 2 years ago February that my mother suffered from this. She discovered she had grandchildren also. Long rough road, but her life was much better when we did get back together.

And praise that God obviously knew she didn't need to suffer recovery from this lung transplant surgery.

Life lesson. Don't let your love ones stay out of touch for so long. Call them today.
thanks for sharing. we take so much for granted.

God's abundant blessings on you and yours.

Like Miss_Jayne said, abundant blessings on you and your family.

Thank you for reminding us of this lesson for life and love.
Thank you all for your kind words. I sure hope in my story I can inspire someone to do something to keep in touch with loved ones. I just opened a card from my Mom's sister -- my aunt. They had not spoken in years either and now she lives with regret. I can't imagine that and am so glad that I had two years to repair and start anew. Two years to let my children find a loving, caring and Godly Grandmother and the rest of the family as well. Life changes people so much.

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