" Beeping " Sf Roo Who "clucks" When Hens Lay Eggs, Question.

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    May 21, 2011
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    Ok, I have quite an Odd situation with my Salmon Favorelle Roo. !

    First off, he is 5 months old and does Not crow...he , well, for a lack of a better description, " BEEPS", most of the day.

    He BEEPS when he sees me, BEEPS while he is scratching, and BEEPS loudly when he is calling His " Girl " over when he finds a Yummy worm or bug. !

    Just as my 14 yr old son and I , got used to his BEEPING, he has now started doing something just as strange...

    5 days ago, ANOTHER roo's hen, Lucy, started CLUCKING like crazy and running around looking for her nest box. Knowing what was happening, my son and I " paced " back and forth , I, like an

    " expectant " great grandmother, and my son, like an expectant father!

    Since we decided to leave Lucy to her privacy along with her " Flock mate ", Ethel, who is due to start laying any moment now, we went around the front of the house..the human one.., when a few moments later, we heard

    very loud " Clucking " by more than just Lucy!!

    When we ran back around to the chicken/duck house, well, there was Bob, the Roo, running around the yard like a " Chicken with his head cut off "! *( Sorry..couldnt resist that one...LOL ).

    He sounded JUST like Lucy, it was Strange to say the least.

    He now does that Every time Lucy starts laying, and Still has never crowed !

    It reminds me of how some men have " Sympathy Labor Pains " when their wife is pregnant or going into labor.

    So, does anyone have any thoughts on this?

    Has this happened to anyone else's roo?

    Are their any other BYCers who have a roo that does Not crow?

    I cant wait for responses..

    Thanks friends,

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    Jan 4, 2011
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    You have a well behaved roo. Yes, they do cluck and make all kinds of interesting noises. Oh yes, and, I do have one rooster that does not crow due to a trachea problem but he makes all kinds of other crazy sounds.
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