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I figured that since a lot of people here own rescues it'll be fun to post before and after pictures - just to see how far our "critter friends" can come with a little TLC. Now, it doesn't have to be a rescue, it can be baby pictures - now, you know, anything that made a huge transformation [for the better] and it doesn't have to be animals...

Ok, I'll start...

SABINA - Carolina Dog/German Shepherd mix rescue

At the SPCA shelter (look how tiny and skinny):

Now at home (not so tiny, and a bit more than not so skinny):

"MC" - '94 AQH mare

Just starting to come back into work after being off for 4+months:

^^AH! That's one embarrassing pic - "does this saddle make my butt look big?" - yeah...just a tad...

A months later:

(I'll have to take a current pic of her and post it, she looks waaay more fit now)

and of course... my chickies

As Babies:


That's it for now, but i may edit more in...
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Huey--rescue Peruvian colt in June of 2005:

Back Feet:

Front Feet:

In August 2005:

back feet:

Front Feet:

Kally, in summer of 2000

Kally, fall of 2001

Bailey our lab? puppy--found on the highway, beaten & starved 5 days after we picked her up in February:

And about a week ago:


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Feb 26, 2008
Wow thats a great job with those rescues.

Thats an amazing job with Huey. I've seen horses with less damage never recover. You did a great job. How old was Kally in the first pics. She kind of just looks like a yearling in that awkward stage, but after seeing Huey's pics, I wonder if she isn't older and just pulled down really bad. She is beautiful in the second pic. She has nice lines and good hips.

Equest, I noticed that you called Sabina a Carolina Dog. The shelters here in SC, or atleast our local shelter, have started labeling American Pit Bulls, Carolina Terriers to make them more adoptable. I was just wondering if this is something that is spreading, or is the Carolina Dog a breed that I'm not familiar with? BTW, either way she is a nice looking dog.


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Apr 5, 2008
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Oh gosh i forgot about my little rescue kitty.......I got him off Craigslist because we were looking for a barn cat...his owner said he always brought her little "treats" and that he only ate what he caught. She made it sound like it was his choice.....When i went to get him i almost left him there because i thought he was ill.......But i had to take him.....

Here is him in June 2007

Here he is in Sept 2007
after getting canned food for a couple months...

And this picture was taken five minutes ago....Boy he's a fatty now.....notice the tongue...haha
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There were actually 4. I kept 2 at my house and my mother kept two at hers. This little guy just happens to be my favorite. A complete mommy's boy. They are all wonderful though.

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