Beginner/Intermediate Drawers drawing club!

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Dec 16, 2011
Hello Fellow drawers!
There is already a drawing club (byc-drawing-club-new) BUT I know there are some experienced drawers on there, and myself being a beginner/intermediate, sometimes feel discouraged at all the WONDERFUL pictures on there! No offense to any experienced drawers. :D So, post you drawings, chat with other drawers, and have fun!
personally.. i think you should just keep posting on that thread. Don't get discouraged, they're just examples of what you can achieve if you practice and immerse yourself in other art and styles, and talk to artists that have been doing it a while. Don't segregate yourself away from people who you think are better than you. They aren't any different and were at one time, as good as you are today... tomorrow, you'll be in their shoes and someone else will follow you!
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