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    This is my first time ordering eggs to hatch in my incubator. Have hatched 2 successfully from my own hen. When i receive my eggs should i put them in the incubator immediately or wait a day or what is the best way to maximize my chances of a successful hatch ? Any info appreciated.
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    Once you have recieved your eggs the best thing to do is to let them settle in egg cartons with pointy end down for 24 hours. Eggs that are shipped take quite a battering in the mail so letting them settle gives the air sac chance to settle. Some have mishapen airsacs or detached ones letting them settle gives them a better chance. I would also candle the eggs before setting to check for cracks in the shell. Once you have set them in the incubator not turning for the first couple of days should also help them. Incubating them set very upright is also suggested If you don't have a turner you could incubate them in egg cartons. This article has a great section on incubating shipped eggs

    Wishing you the very best of luck and hope you have a great hatch.
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