Beginner's Luck!!


7 Years
May 25, 2012
Hi everyone just had to brag a little about my chicken breeder.

I'm VERY new to chickens. I haven't own a chicken since I was a child and my parents were the ones who took care of them. I just played with them like toys. So that tells you how much I know about chickens.

However, I did my research on the breed and picked the ones I would be interested in owning. As for getting the chicks itself I was told by several people that I would be happier getting them from a local breeder and I’m thankful for the advice.

I found the breeder in the same city as I was in. Emailed and talked to the lady and she was very knowledgeable. I liked the fact her stock with not hatchery stock. I liked it that I got to see the parents of the chicks. I like it that she understood I can’t have any cocks and that she was willing to take any back. And she was definitely willing to help me in anyway she can. And it didn’t hurt that she had these unique color birds. So I got 5 BBS chicks hoping that I will have a couple female splash orps.

The 1-4 days chicks were wonderful. Healthy as horses! After the 2nd day, I found the brooding light useless and turn it off. 1 week later they had short outdoor trips. 2 weeks later they are running around and spending most of the days outdoors. At 4 weeks old they are 2-3lbs pigs! Didn’t realize chicks can eat so much! And did I mention the temperament. They are like little feathery dogs. Especially one of them which unfortunately I had a sneaky suspicion was a cockerel.

So I joined this group preparing to ask about the color of my chicks and of course their sex. I found out my breeder is also a member. Send her a private email to let her know that the chicks were doing well and that I think one is a male not expecting anything. They wrote back that if I want to, I can swap him for a hen, which I though was awfully nice of them to do. So I decided to take then on their offer. But not only that, they let me take the whole clutch over there to be sexed and swapped if necessary. End up having to swap 2! She also gave me a lesson on BBS coloring while I was there. Unfortunately, I’m not going to get a splash like I wanted to but apparently I do have lovely lavender which is a not bad at all. And the blues and blacks are pretty too.

So far, I am totally tickled with my experience as a new chicken owner and luck out when I found my breeder.

A good breeder makes a huge difference :)

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