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    Aug 26, 2016
    So I adopted a 2-3 weeks old (not sure but it is still yellow and about 15 cm body length) pekin duckling 3 days ago to raise. I never raised a duck before and I only got some tips from the previous owner on feeding and bedding. Could I get some help with the following issues:

    1) Food: I got some chicken pellets (from previous owner) which I was feeding it first day with water. I noticed it stopped eating it the second day so I tried carrots and zucchini. It would hardly eat anything else and I don't know what type of manufactured food would best suit it?!
    I didn't give it any grit, do I need to at this age? how much should I put?

    2) Health: the weather was sunny today so I took the duckling to the garden for 5 mins only as it didn't like it outside (probably was cold for it). latter today, I noticed it is quite, not eating, drinking a bit and sleepy all the time trying to get under my clothes whenever I hold it. I kept it worm next to a heater and wrapped up in a wool clothing, even though, it vomited food chunks (carrots) once so far. Do ducks get cold? what can I do now?

    3) Bedding: I used wood bedding at first but then I used large towel or wool clothing as the ducking can go under it night time. Any thoughts?

    4) Bathing: I was warned not to let it suck in water as it can get sick easily. Would it be alright to give it a warm bath at this age? what temperature and depth would be suitable? any things I should add to the water?

    Any other tips I should know of to keep it safe and healthy?!
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    At that age, being taken away from it's siblings or flock or family is devastating.

    In the meantime, feed it waterfowel starter from Tractor Supply or your local feed store. Try thawed, room temperature frozen peas to get him to eat. Maybe mash the peas a little.

    Keep a bowl of water deep enough for the duck to dip his entire head into, so he can keep his nostrils clear of food or other debris.

    Be sure he's warm enough - between 70 - 80 degrees.

    Shavings are fine, I prefer puppy pads at this age. Easy to replace several times a day
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