Behavior/Appearences When Nearing Point Of Lay


8 Years
Nov 23, 2011
So when a chicken nears laying her first egg, what his her behavior and appearance? Staying in the coop, squatting, red combs and wattles? Anymore behavioral and appearance related attributes would be nice to know. Thanks!
Each one of mine that has laid an egg (3/5) had a huge appetite for a couple of days before actual first egg and were slightly more aggressive. Nothing serious - initiating the chest bumps, pecking others on top of head, etc. Only once did I see a squat, but I don't have a rooster and don't know if that makes a difference or not. I try to spend at least a couple of hours a day with them and can usually pick up on different behaviors. The reddened wattles and combs are pretty much your definite sign and mine had that for about 1 1/2 - 2 weeks before first egg. Never noticed anyone staying in the coop until they started singing the egg song and making repeated trips into the coop, sitting or rearranging hay then back out to scratch for a couple of minutes and repeat indefinitely.
I am by no means an expert; this is just what I have observed in the past 2 weeks with my own girls. Good luck to you!
My late bloomers have started getting into the nest boxes, and just generally taking more interest in the other hens when they are in there laying. I have also noticed squatting when I reach to pet them, so I know it won't be long now!
I wonder about this..... When I pet my hen, another one of the hens rushes over and attacks her!! What is that about? My hens have not started laying yet, they are about 5 mths old. I have been watching for the "signs" that egg laying time is near. The chicken that I can pet will sit down at my feet while I pet her, but she fluffs up her feathers as though she is annoyed. That is when the other hen rushes over to attack! Is this just jealousy or what do you all think?
Happy New Year to all!!!
Mine got very agitated, as though they were uncomfortable, and started vocalizing a lot, like growling. This was when laying was immanent. Never saw or have seen any of the rumored squatting.
Does their baby day to day peeping sound change to a deeper one as they near point of lay? One of my RIR nearly 16 weeks has a slightly redder comb and the sound it makes is not a baby peep anymore but different like my older laying girls. Or is this not anything to do with it?
Their voices change as they mature. A sign I look for when they are at POL is when they fill out, especially round their backsides.

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