Behavior/Cayuga help!


Aug 18, 2019
Hey guys!
I’m new to cayuga’s and I’m hoping y’all could help me. I have a pair of 12 week old cayuga ducks (I believe I may have one hen and one drake due to the differences in their voices). Well I have them in my barn right now where my other ducks come and go, however I have them in a very large cage so they can see the other ducks but not roaming with them yet and vice versa. Tonight while down at the barn one of them had ahold of my smallest khaki campbell hens by the beak and kept trying to get her head. She was frantically trying to get away. Is this normal behavior for a cayuga??? I thought they were relatively docile ducks. Any input would be great!
She got too close to what they deem as their territory. Once you set them free with the others they will have some squabbles and will most likely work them out but right now the KC got into their territory and had to be taught a lesson.

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