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    Well my 6 girls (RIR) are doing well, but a couple of things puzzle me. They have a nice little coop with two perches on either end with enough room for 3 on a perch comfortably. I have shavings and pine straw on the floor but the girls would rather stay outside on top of the coop even tho it's getting cold. Don't know what it is they don't like. At one time they were using a corner of the coop as a nesting area.

    Other thing is I have 3 nexting boxes set up. I took cat litter buckets and laid them on their sides and cut the tops out. Have them secured so they don't move and put straw in each box. Even has a top over it. They only use 1 nesting box most of the time and I've seen two try to cram into the same box. Every now and again they will use one of the other boxes but most of the time I'll find 3-5 eggs in the one nest.

    Any advise would be welcome.
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    Chickens are simply fickle...[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    Just give them time.
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