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  1. Started again and already have the same problems, neighbors dogs like kentucky. After enclosed the dogs the chicks flew over the fence, my question is ____Does a chickens behavior for ex. laying and breeding habits, be set back if her feathers are pruned
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    [​IMG] Trimming wing feathers does not affect a chickens behavior. It may however make them more vulnerable to predation. Can you put a top on their run?
  3. Not really, the problem lies during day time when they feed on 5 acre land, on my property is flats that I rent out, the new tenants have dogs
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    Jul 10, 2013
    So my Chicken Jo that I thought was a Chicken Jane is a Jo after all. I heard and saw him crowing this morning while my older roo chased him. At first I thought it was my roo that crowed and chased Chicken Jo bc he was trying to get frisky, but then I saw Jo crow. Is it normal for my roo (Ronnie) to have chased (briefly) Jo? Never dealt with 2 roos so just trying to figure this behavior out.

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