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  1. Canceled. Sorry
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  2. Ok, this is open!!
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  3. looks cool!
  4. thanks!!!!!!
  5. name: Nyssa
    age: 17
    gender: F
    kingdom: none
    Rank: outcast
    spouse: too young
    crush: no one except her family is worthy of her love
    boyfriend/girlfriend: look above
    Family: a few hardworking peasants that died of starvation
    history: Nyssa was 15 when her family ran out of food in the winter. They lived in Mortem so no one helped them. Nyssa got caught stealing from a bakery because her family was starving. the guards of her cell fell asleep and she escaped. She never came back.
    personality: sly, smart, clever, determined, sweet and loving when you get to know her
    picture/description: brown hair with gold streaks, amber eyes, tall and well musceled, great hunter,
    other: only in the 1920's
    user: Blue in a shoe

    (watcha think?)
  6. (Accepted)
  7. Name: Alex
    Age: 17
    Gender: male
    Rank: Prince
    Spouse: None
    Crush: None
    Boy/Girlfriend: None
    Family: Royalty or neige
    History: Born into power
    Personality: Great fighter, Kind, loyal, helpful, great hunter and great with animals
    Pic/ Description: short Blond with blue eyes. tallish.
    Other: Only in the 1920's
    Username: Americano Blue
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