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    I just got an email from my Mom in Portland...they are losing their home. Things started going from bad to worse this past year...their camera business started failing & my dad took a second job at Fred Meyer's, working 11pm to 7am. Then, he'd come home, take a shower & a nap and go to work 9am to 5pm.

    They bought that house in 1976 right after they were married (for $23,000) and now, it's appraised at $850,000 (it was $1.5 million four years ago). It is the house I grew up in and I'm in tears here now...

    They have been trying to sell their house for two years (the market sucks) and their shop as well...they were hoping to get both sold, pay off debt & walk away with $500k or so. Now, it looks like they will have NOTHING to show for the last 30 years of 8am to 5pm, 6 days a week of work...

    I have offered our home to my parents until they can get back on their feet...but my dad is nearing in on 60 years old and my mom is close behind...both are in poor health (diabetes, high blood pressure, etc) and I am just devastated. [​IMG]
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    I am very sorry to hear that. Is there any way they can still salvage something?
  3. Aren't they the people our Prez said last night he was going to help.Call the senior center in their town and talk to them and ask if they can help them get their house refinanced or what they can do, usually most senior centers have a legal dept, so maybe they can help. good luck [​IMG] marrie
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    That really sucks, you're family will be in my thoughts.
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    i wish i knew the perfect thing to say or do. know that i'll be praying for them and you. [​IMG]
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    Rare Feathers Farm Overrun With Chickens

    I don't know...they owe $400k on all of their debt & mortages (took out seconds & a third) and they have a lot of stuff on craigslist...but I'm just not sure...they went from bringing home close to $150k per year to not being able to make payroll last year (had to let go two people) and some months could not even pay themselves so their remaining employee could feed his family. Sighs.
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    Prayers and hugs [​IMG]
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    Quote:I'd think so??? I'm not parents are good people, too...not lazy bums...this is just sooo frustrating! I'm an 8 hour drive away...sighs...
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    Quote:thank you!!
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    Rare Feathers Farm Overrun With Chickens

    Quote:Thank you!!! I offered one of the spare rooms to my parents (they will have to share it with incubators & chicks, though). [​IMG] So we'll see...we have connections here and can probably get them decent jobs...but it will be like starting all over for them...I cannot imagine.

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