Beloved rooster has bald patches

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    Oct 1, 2012
    Hi all: I am a relatively new chicken owner and I have a really terrific rooster that I value very much.

    I have noticed what appear to be raised scales on his legs, and on one of my hens I noticed lice. My rooster is really a mellow guy, but I don't handle him very much because I am afraid he will grow tired of it and become nasty. Thus, I have not dusted him for any pests. I thought I would ask all of you more experienced chicken owners your opinions on these pictures to see what I should do, and whether I should be concerned that his father loss is more then molting. I am worried that his feather loss is due to either lice or mites. My chickens are free range all day, every day, with a very comfortable (clean) coop to roost in at night. In lieu of dusting him, is it an option to use Ivermectin on him? Thanks in advance for your thoughts (sorry the pictures are a little blurry)



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