Benny and Joon - treat hogs...

Mojo Chick'n

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Mar 8, 2008
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My geese were out in the hayfield today - maybe 100 yards out, grazing along, happy as clams. The chickens all came to the porch for treats and I got them some and started tossing it out.

Well, Benny must have caught the action out of the corner of his eye, because he let out this LOUD honk (that made the chickens jump a half mile
) and came running, wings outstretched (as if that would make him go faster) and Joon followed behind, doing the same.

Poor chickens ate their treats FAST cause when Benny comes to eat, he chases everyone else away (except Joon).

It was just so funny to see them running as fast as their fat bodies could get to the porch, afraid the treats would all be gone before they got there.

Geese are more funny than I thought they'd be.



12 Years
Apr 28, 2007
Linden TN
My geese honk when I am giving out treats and that lets everybody else know what I'm doing. You should see the stampede of chickens, ducks,guineas and geese, and sometimes a dog or two. lol they all run together, but as soon as they get to the treats they start fighting. I really should video it sometime it's so funny.


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