Benny and June, a true story~ Chapter 3 up!

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    Ch 1

    June knew she had a mother, just she was busy doing more important things. That was her excuse for utter silence, except a few pitiful chirps, when she called out to her. June needed to know she was safe; The reddish-black, wet darkness was suffocating. There was nothing to tell her it was o.k., no one to cluck kindly through the shell. Blood vessels zigzagging through the darkness giving her some sort of lopsided, upside down assurance was it.

    Instinct told her to break through the thin skin at the top and gasp for air, to crack and push and slide and crack and push until the egg opened. Finally with one last desperate attempt she slipped out. Then she opened her eyes. Colors and shapes, though they were blurry, were so overwhelming June had to squeeze her eyes shut again. Next thing she knew she was asleep.

    The next time she opened her eyes it wasn't such a shock, at least not for the first couple seconds. Then someone similar to her nosed up real close and shrieked "MOMMY!" Alarmed, June scooted away from it. "Where you goin' mommy?" It asked. "I'm not your mom. What are you anyway?" June asked cocking her head. Another chick came walking up. "We're little chicks like you. We all hatched in the incubator." It replied. This was puzzling information, since June was sure she had a mother. "No, I wasn't hatched in the incubator, only you were and I have a mommy!" The little chick made a sputtering, squeaking noise which in some languages equates to a laugh. "Don't be silly!" It said through sputter/squeaks. "We're a family here and this thing," said the chick, gesturing around them at the off white incubator, "Is our mother. It hatched us." And with that it wobbled off, pulling the chick that thought June was it's mother, behind it, to annoy someone else.

    June decided to go look for some one who was more like her. Less fluffy, like the two chicks she met. That didn't take long. She immediately noticed a white chick standing alone in a corner. It''s back was still a little sleek from the egg and what feathers were dry weren't much more puffed up. This one is just like me! she thought, looking down at her scarce, white coat. "Hi" she said "I don't need anyone else to make fun of me so go away!" the little chick said. Determined to make friends June asked "What is your name? Mine is June."
    "I'm Benny." replied the chick nervously. "Um...I'm sleepy, bye!" Better luck next time she thought.
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    Chapter 2

    Loud chirps and sharp nails tramping Jenny woke her. "Run, run!" screamed a polish that had just been snatched by a huge, fleshy looking, contorted claw. These "claws" she soon learned belonged to a giant that stood strait up and was completely bald except a little tuft of fuzz on its head (aka human). Soon Jenny was running in frantic circles trying to avoid the claw that kept snatching chicks which she wasn't seeing any more of. Assuming the worst she decided it was eating them. Not wanting that to be her fate she kept running, dodging the ugly thing. Then it caught her. Closing around her wriggling body (much too tightly to be comfortable) she began to rise upward. Her heart stopped mid-beat she was so terrified. The chicks below her became smaller and she could the also-terrified expressions on their little birdy faces.

    The human carried her down a hall. As she waited to become a snack the constant rhythm of its stride became annoying. It was smooth up and the jerky down making her bob her head like an apple in a barrel to keep at the same height. Heights changing too quickly made June a bit woozy. When they got to the end of the hall the human opened up a door must be a dining room she thought. Inside were all the chicks it had grabbed. Relief washed over her. So it wasn't just a matter of time until the dinner bell!

    The human set her down in a box under a light. June scurried away from it to the cluster of anxious chicks. There was Benny! June and him had become friends over the last couple days. At first he'd been a little cold but soon they were well acquainted. He was talking with Ray and Twilly (who they decided were their sister and brother because of their white, patchy coats). "They moved us out of that thing because we all hatched" Announced Ray, looking very proud of himself. "And because we've got to eat!" Piped up Twilly "It would really be a pity if we died of starvation, wouldn't it?" She said in her high-pitched voice. "Yeah, but this food is so dry..." Replied Benny, glancing over at the food distastefully. Ray walked away to eat. "Live with it." He said without looking back.

    After June and Benny had a conversation about chicken feed, June wondered off to take a nap. She glanced over at the pile of chicks under the light, all snuggled up and cozy. "Can I sleep with you?" She asked tentatively. Murmurs went up from the chicks. Finally one spoke up. "Since you're not going be here long then...yes." She wasn't sure what the chick meant about not being here long but she decided it was just a bit crazy. It doesn't matter she thought and tunneled through them to a very comfortable spot. Nuzzling up to one of the silkies she fell asleep, only to be awakened by a hand grapping her.
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    I guess no one read it...
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    I Liked it
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    Oh, good! Here is another chapter!
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    Chapter 3

    Blueness was everywhere. Ray, Benny and Twilly were with her. "Halfbreed chicks..." Mumbled the human under its breath, "Not worth it, and I actually thought I might get something good of of 'em, yeah right." It had them in a blue box with rods at the top, letting in light. Peering upwards June wondered where it was taking them. The box swayed violently causing her to hit the side. It was surprisingly bouncy and soft, not at all painful as she had thought it would be. June looked questioningly over at Ray (who seemed to know everything) searching for an explanation. As if sensing her displeasure with this material he looked over and replied "It's called cloth. Made of weaving thread together." Then he turned around went back to staring absentmindedly at the sky. Glancing around while trying to stable herself she saw Benny cowering in a corner and went over to talk to him.

    "Benny, I think the chicks knew we were going to leave." June said sadly. "They said they were going to let me sleep with them because I wasn't going to be here long." She watched Benny for a response. At first he looked a little confused but then he sighed and said, "It was obvious. We were so different, so undesirable. You heard the human. It said we weren't worth it." Silence was the only response June had to this. It didn't last long though. Twilly came up and jerked her away only saying it was time they talk. "Now what?" She asked. Twilly smiled. "I thought it was time you had a friend who was a hen and talking, they say, besides shared experiences, is the best way to get to build a relationship." The last part she said with such conviction that it was pretty convincing. After a short conversation about feathers, eggs and roosters they arrived at their destination.

    Human voices seeped into their box. Their must have been at least four humans counting the one who carried them there. June caught bits of conversation; "...glad your girls...take good and water...if you need any..." Said the human (according to the other human) called Nome. "Thanks." Said another one. Younger voices squealed excitedly then two considerably small faces appeared above them. "Lets each name two." Said the one with short hair. "Mine will be named...Kleenex!" Both girls burst out laughing. "No, cat!" This was followed by another round of giggles. Ray rolled his eyes. "Little humans are so-" Then Ray was cut off by the box swaying wildly as the two picked it up. "We'll have plenty of time to name them at home." Said the one June assumed was their mother. We are home thought June. But then it hit her, their new home was going to be with them. They were leaving to a torturous land of little girls.
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    anyone like it?
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    The entire ride "home" was actually a lot better than June thought it would be. The little girl with long hair picked her up, a lot more gently then Nome, and let June burrow into her jacket. Every now and then she would look down at her and make cooing noises, sort of like those a mother hen might make. Ray kept flying out of the girls hands thought so the mother made them put the chicks away. In the pen June peeped for the long haired girl who she decided to call Cocoa after her dark hair. Cocoa was the closest thing she had to a mother, and June wasn't about to lose her. She squatted down close to the ground and, with all her might, she pushed herself upward and flapped crazily, only to hit herself on the head. Peering up at the bars she wondered how she would get out. "Mommy!" Said the other girl, "The chicken is trying to eat us. I can see the evil look in it's eyes! Oh, and," The girl stopped for a breath, "And I think it got a concusion too. It's lookin' weird at me!"

    "Do you want to pull over and have a talk or can you just not mention the chickens anymore, Becky?" Asked the mother while still looking at the road. June wondered why she just didn't look at her kids. "We're almost home and I've got to listen to this one important thing on the radio."

    "Mommy, what importin' thing would dat be?" Asked Becky.

    "Weather reports. I wanted to see if we could go swimming some time this week with Aunt Ronda coming and all." The mother smiled. "You know how much she likes the river!"

    When they pulled into the driveway June was amazed. Even Benny mentioned it. All around were flowers of all shapes and sizes. Bugs crawling through the garden bed caught the chicks eagle eyes and June just itched to get at them. Even as the box swung in the oldest girls hands her eyes were intent as they could be on one big black beetle. June had never had a bug before but they were just so tempting.

    Soon the garden was replaced by ivy, periwinkle and a few twisted, knobby bushes. Looming up ahead the tall house came into view. There were all sorts of decorative twists and spirals near the roof and around the windows and door. The house itself was grey-blue with aged white looking trim. Ivy twirled around the porch and a little pond sat under a willow tree. Through the murky green of the pond June was sure she could see glints of gold. Immediately Ray answered her silent question, "I believe those are goldfish. I've heard they live in ponds." Ray is so nerdy thought June.

    Inside the house the humans fed and watered them. They put them under a light with a very fuzzy blanket and crept off down the squeaky stairs to do something else. Only after the four chicks were alone in the room did they begin to talk. They made a plan that if they ever got outside they would all escape and run to the garden to eat bugs. Twilly was describing how she felt about this new place when she stopped. A strange look came over her face. Rushing over June asked if she was ok. Later when she asked what had happened she said she couldn't breath.

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