Best antibiotics?

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Lisa Wood

7 Years
Mar 6, 2016
AIKEN, South Carolina
I am slowly working to have some sort of first aide box for chickens. I am slow but steady.
If you were to purchase antibiotics BEFORE the injury, what would be top picks available without RX prescription in US.
In the majority of cases, a topical antibiotic is perfectly adequate. A big size tube of Neosporin without pain medication is the best. However, should oral antibiotics become necessary, Clavamox (Amoxicillin) is the best broad spectrum antibiotic for wounds and injuries. It can be found online with a bit of searching.

Vetricyn is not exactly an antibiotic, but it's also invaluable as part of a first aid kit and works great in conjunction with Neosporin.
I keep terramyicin powder and ointment in my fist aid kit as antibiotics along with poultry electrolyte powder, triple antibiotic/Non Pain Relief kind, iodine, gauze, vet rx and vetricyn. Thats pretty much all you need in any emergency.
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Thank you to all expert chicken folks for first aide kit advise. Rest assured the protocols you all suggest are recorded for my knowledge!
Thank you so so much again! I juat hate having injury or illness and starting just then to figure stuff out.
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