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    I MAY not have to do this but I want to be prepared just in case. What would you consider the best articles to present to council members in favor of keeping chickens? If you have links, that would be great. We are tiny town of about 400 people in the middle of NOWHERE, so I am hoping if there ARE any ordinances against chickens, I can show enough reason to change them.
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    Jul 27, 2008
    I just want to be prepared "in case"![​IMG]
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    Quote:This helps others that may be battling this very thing. Thanks for the website. Knowledge is power!!!
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  4. Another thing you can do, in addition to articles, is to give them examples of chicken bylaws from other communties across the country. Your community can even copy or modify a bylaw from another community because laws of any kind are public records and are not subject to copyright protection.

    My town has an excellent chicken bylaw and I always recommend it as a good example to follow:

    Westwood MA chicken bylaw

    Your argument will be much more compelling iof you include examples of laws from other communities because it will give your locals officlas concrete examples of what has worked in other communities and what might also work in your community. They won't get that sense just from newspaper articles of how wonderful chickens are; politicians need actual proof of good law.

    Writing a law of any kind is hard work, and it's much easier to adapt from a existing source than it is to write one from scratch.

    You can do it!


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