Best bet on shipped eggs that took a rough route?


11 Years
Jan 21, 2012
We are attempting to incubate for the first time with shipped eggs. I ordered 12, received 18, 3 totally broke and 2 had hairline cracks that I taped up. I didn't have high expectations only really expected 50% at best with all the variables. Once the eggs arrived two days late and being routed to 7 different stops more that necessary, I let them rest big side up on our counter for 24 hours. I attempted to candle but had a difficult time really seeing anything other than a possible saddle sac and one jiggly sac. I placed them in the Bator this morning vertically with a modified egg carton because my turners don't allow that position. When should I remove the carton and turn them? Should I hand turn or let the auto turner give them a go? I'm here 24/7 as I homeschool the kids so hand turning isn't an issue. Any help or suggestions? I need at least one to make for the kids sake and my sanity! This has been so stressful so far!
I've read if you leave them upright for the first week in the incubator, just barely tipping them back and forth to prevent the embryo sticking to the shell, the veins develop and hold the air cell where it should be.

Good luck with them - we homeschool too and hatching is always fun (we hatch quail seeing as we are stuck in suburbia). I really hope some of them hatch for you! :fl
If you can fit one whole carton in your incubator and then maybe the other three off to one side you could tilt the carton from side to side 3 times a day. It only needs to be a small movement, I set mine on the lid of a kind of tupperware (sistema) which was about a half inch high and I would have the carton sit off to one side of the lid and then tilt it to sit off the other side, back and forth. Kind of hard to explain but hopefully you can figure something similar. Shipped eggs are notoriously difficult especially if they have come a long way. Be super gentle with them and keep them upright for the whole incubation time, except for lock down and hopefully you will get some hatchlings. Keep us posted on your progress please. Good Luck.
Forgot to mention above, get a good, strong incubation flashlight, I like my Incubrite to candle the eggs. This is going to be important come day 7 - 10 to determine who is who.

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