best bread of turkeys to own???

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    Aug 23, 2014
    hi i was wondering what would be the best breed of turkeys to have has pets that would be the friendliest and walk up to you when you come out and also they need to have fertile eggs so i can incubate them and sell the babies i would be wanting to raise them up from babies.[​IMG]
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    Friendliness has all to do with how you raise them, not the particular breed. If you are gentle and hands on with them as poults from day one, they'll be friendly. Sometimes obnoxiously friendly. Just remember not to feed them treats from your hands. It is adorable when they are little, but those beaks are sharp as they get older, and a turkey doesn't know 'gentle' like a dog.

    If you want turkeys that can reproduce naturally, you want any heritage turkey. The broad breasted turkeys are designed to get big, fast, to product a lot of meat for the table. A heritage bird doesn't become an inflated, sickly beachball meant for butcher at a young age, heritage birds are healthy and long lived.

    There is no best variety, to be honest. It is what you like. There are many varieties to choose from. Some are easier to find than others.
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