best broody thread!!!!!!!!

I have a blue splash dutch hen that was setting on 11 eggs. She only hatched 4 herself, but I took the other eggs and stuck them in the bator. I also gave her a few (
) that I had hatched from the bator as well. Poor thing has 18 now, but she is the best little mama!! I hope this pic shows up! She has heads all over the place!
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Here is another broody of mine...She is setting in a 5 gal. bucket. We just put her in a cage on Friday? Or Thursday? Anyway, the poor thing is so determined, she didn't get off till today, and this is her first time setting!
My black sexlink girl. She raises a lone chick every year and one year, she fought off a hawlk trying to get her baby, twice in a row.

Hawk alarm went off, all chickens ran, baby wasn't running fast enough, broody pulled the fastest most angry road raged U turn and flogged the hawk in mid flight. Hawk came in for a second swoop and broody hit the bird of prey again and the danger fromt he sky stumbled off back up to the trees. Must have been hungry since it tried twice, with me standing about 50 feet away the entire time. Haven't had a single hawk loss since.

She's the one on the far left.

I must posthumously nominate my hen BeBe. She was a tiny mixed-breed bantam, so little that we'd pick her up & joke "where do you put the batteries in?" But she was an outstanding broody, and an excellent attentive Mama after the hatch.

I lost track of how many batches of chicks she hatched out, her own eggs and those of other standard hens. She incubated eggs during our rare Fla freezes, and in all other types of weather. She even once took over for another flighty young hen who sprang off her nest one afternoon mid-set. BeBe was just going broody herself, and I rushed her over to those cooling eggs. She climbed right on them and took over where that other hen quit, and must have been surprised to have that clutch hatch out so soon.

Sadly, she died one night defending her latest chicks from a predator.
She was in a pen with another Mama hen, who chickened out & ran away across the yard. But poor BeBe was found dead next to the remains of her chicks, the feathers off her head, as if the predator was trying to keep her away from fussing at him while he ate the chicks. BeBe, the superior broody, died on the job, while the "chicken" chicken is still alive today.

Rest in peace, BeBe!
Do you mean the far right, from our point of view looking at the picture? If so, that's one tough looking Mama! I sure wouldn't want to tangle with her! That's a great story, thanks for sharing it.

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