best goat to own for milk?


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what is thebest kind of goat to have for home milk production, and what does goats milk taste like? My ex-sister in law lived in Iceland, and thats all they could get, but I don't remember what she said it tastes like.. it's been almost 20 yrs ago... I'm trying to be able to rely on ourselves for some things, like eggs, milk, & veggies.....
Nubian, Alpine or Oberhasli in the full size arena. Nigerian Dwarf on the small goat side. We don't have Alpine. I hate Milking the small goats and the Oberhasli we have is very affectionate and well mannered. Guess what I recommend? She is giving us near 40oz a milking (80 oz a day). Can't ask for much more!

I don't have pictures on our website of all of our dairy girls, but hopefully I will be updating this week!


I forgot Lamancha... we are selling ours as she is just to big of a brute.
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griffin45 You forgot Toggenburg...

Nubians have the highest butter fat mine milk a gallon to a gallon in a half a day..
Toggenburgs they can be a pain in the but but the one I have milks a-round 3 gallon a day so ill put with that little pain....
I believe nigerians have a higher butterfat content.

I know the best ratio for feed to milk is a nigerian. Cost little to feed and gives you the most milk, for that ratio. 1-2 quarts of milk a day and mine eat 1-2 cups of grain and free range hay.

Nubians and larger breeds will give you more milk but cost more to feed.
Me personally , i wanted nubians cause they are so cute! But got nigerians cause of the cost ratio. Lamancha's are really cute as well, i like their tiny ears.
Here is a picture of one of our nubians and our toggenburg not the best picture but they should do.. They a 2 year olds and first year milkers and I would say 16 weeks milking.



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