Best ground cover for concrete floor in run


Apr 1, 2017
Our coop is now elevated with a wood subfloor on a concrete pad, and it has shavings inside. Our run is L shaped. The main part directly off the coop is also on the concrete pad. There is a roof over about 2/3 of it. Then there is a small run area on dirt (that forms the L shape).

I can't figure out what to pad the concrete with in the run that won't stay wet. Even with the majority of it roofed, the entire thing is always soaking wet because we get rain daily. I'd covered it in various yard dirt/leaves and some used shavings and it has just compacted into a thick stinky mud. So today I totally scraped it all out, flung the nasty muck into the yard in hopes the concrete can at least dry and we can start over. But with what???

The dirt part of the run does not have a roof cover and it dries out just fine even with all this rain. But every part of the concrete run is NASTY.

I'm thinking wood chips?

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