best guinea flock equation


6 Years
Aug 19, 2013
Since Guineas are monogamous, what is the best ratio for a flock that will stay around? Can you have 5 pairs and know that some won't go elsewhere to spread out or would more female to male be better?
I started out with 10 males and two females. Due to a little trading, the next year I had 4 of each. The 3rd year I had 9 females to 5 males.
It didn't seem to make any difference what the ratio was. All my guineas stay around. The females are monogamous but the males may mate with several different females. It does seem like a male/female pair will always be together year after year but the male will take care of any extra females. Extra males are just out of luck but it doesn't seem to cause any problems.
I've always had mine stick around, too. I don't think it's a matter of male/female ratio as to whether they stay or go, it's more if they're well trained to know where they should roost at night. When you first get your guineas, they should be kept a minimum of 6 weeks inside their coop, so they know where "home" is. I've never had a problem with them coming home......or staying around my property.

More females are always welcomed in a flock, but I've never been lucky enough to have that situation. Every year it seems like more males hatch out than we have some bachelors in our flock. No serious problems with the the spring, the dominant males make sure the "bachelors" don't make any moves on their girls......and they soon learn to stay away from the little hotties!

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