best hatching position for a serama

I do the carton method, but I trim the sides shorter. If they have been incubating with the small end down I would not lay them on their sides. When I did this with my first serama hatch, the babies drowned when they pipped. But then again, I know folks that leave them with broodies or on their sides and do fine too. Just make sure your humidity is at least 70%, for some reason they "stick" if it is lower, good luck! They are the tinyest cutest things!
I leave mine on their sides...BUT- I suck at the incubator so I have lots of broodies... Some hatches are great and some are not so great in that incubation contraption! lol

I agree about the humidity..up it a bit..they are small and sometimes have trouble pipping quickly and then the membrane gets stuck to them as it dries and they get trapped.
Mulia have you seen pictures of seramas? Here are my bantam - small/tiny, silkie chicks - the fuzzy ones, they're two weeks old, and beside them FOUR week old seramas, to give you an idea of size.


And here are some adults: this is Saul, he's about as tall standing up as a coke can - the HUGE thing he's standing on is my small hand to give you an idea.



That's my new Birchen Roo, my 12 week old silkies weigh about the same and look bigger - poofy.

He's full grown. Compared to a village chicken he's probably about 1/5 that size.
oOw, i think that *village chicken* here is breed of many interbreed breed all over the world, when a hen set her own lay eggs, she hatch many different color of chicken (can even 6 colors on 1 chick and if hatch 5 chicks all can have different color) and i do think that she is not being mated by 6 different roos of course.

and it's really hard now to different between breed of chicken here compared to all chickens photos posted on BYC. really need to take all side of them (like in police archive) and post them on BYC to know the truth or need a DNA test?

really really confused when BYC member asked me, what breed you have over there mulia?
em, village chicken.

ETA : and thank you for sharing those whole beauty roos and ladies pics, they're really really beauty.
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