Best incubator to hatch quail eggs?

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Jan 26, 2010
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I was looking into getting a smaller incubator to hatch my button quail eggs in. I was thinking about a Hova-Bator - everybody seems to like them okay. But they're about $200.00
Then I saw the Little Giant incubators at TSC, which one? I've heard the little giant incubators don't keep a steady temp? Thanks -

ETA: I don't have a very big budget, I have around $59.00 saved up right now, the Little Giant incubator is about $40.00 ... I posted on the BST that I wanted a used Hova-Bator .. if I can't find one pretty cheap then I'll have to order one and it'll take me awhile to save up that much.
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I have a little giant with the turner and fan and have no issues with constant temps. I keep it in a temp controlled room. Mine is an older model, maybe 15-20 years old.
There is a long thread on incubators over in the Quail section. You might want to look at that before deciding. Some incubators aren't as good for game bird eggs. That has been discussed in that thread, I think.
Rozzie: I did see that thread ... read it
I posted another topic, and everyone says to go with the Hova-Bator .... so I'll probably just save up this winter and get one. If anybody has a used one Pm me.

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