Best informative site for artificial insemination?

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    Jan 25, 2008
    Please post any recommendations on a website that instructs newcomers to the process of artificially inseminating chickens.

    I am redesigning my system of management. I have one large coop, several large cages, and a small coup. Yet I have Marans, Dorkings, and Javas. I have a couple Giant roos roaming the yard.

    I have a single injured Java roo(dislocated his wing at a young age and previous owner didn't notice until it was too stunted to do anything), my main roo was killed. I have two Dorking roos, two Marans roos, and then the two free-ranging roosters.

    What I am thinking of doing is, placing all the hens in the large coop, where they have plenty of room to do their thing and plenty of nest boxes. While the roosters, I can distribute through the small coop and large cages and tether them in the yard for exercise and sun.

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    You tube video of current method to collect from male

    PouletsDeCajun started a thread and within it are instructions to collect from the male and insert collection to the female

    Some information regarding AI

    another bit of information

    I think the above is mostly geared toward same day transfer however I do see some reference to storage of samples if needed in the last 2 articles.
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