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Oct 14, 2012
hi all,,just wondering,,,this might have already come up,,,?. anyway,,,,,

out of chicken breeds the white leghorn is the best egg layer,yes?

but i was wondering out of RED SEX LINK HENS,,and BLACK SEX LINK,,which is the mose prolific egg layer?.

iam just starting up so i wanted to know the best for eggs and meat.

i hear that BSL are more meaty than RSL,,is this true?

looking forward to hearing from ya,all,,cheers, craig.
Craig, the difficulty in making all such comparisons is that the variety of strains is so vast. There is no, one, singular RSL or BSL. There are literally dozens and dozens of strains of these hybrids. The mixes uses in each case may be quite different.

With that caveat, sometimes the Black Sex Link is indeed slightly meatier than many Red Sex Links. But, understand that neither are really dual purpose and neither are very good meat birds.

Generally, the Red Sex Links are slightly better layers, while generally the Black Sex Links are a pound heavier. Hope that helps.
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