Best material to use on floor of coop???

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  1. downtownjb80

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    Sep 1, 2011
    Newton Aycliffe
    I am planning an extension of my coop. It currently is raised up off the floor with a tray underneath that is removed for cleaning. I planned the extension to be floor level still with a tray that slides out. The floor is concrete (is that OK or will it be cold?), and what is the best material to put in the tray under the roost bars?
  2. teach1rusl

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    Will they be hopping down off the roosts onto concrete - that would be my main complaint regarding bare concrete.
    Sand would work well in poop trays...kind of like a litter box. Dropping really clump up in sand - it's nice/easy.
  3. gale65

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    I'm not planning to put any trays under the roosts, just a smooth board. I'll put linoleum on it and just scrape the stuff off every day or two. But if I hate that method I'll just add some wood sides to it and put an inch or two of sand in it.
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    Sand is the easiest of all. I use a cat litter scooper or a small rake. I have 4 pens and can have all the poop cleaned up in a matter of minutes. I tried all kinds of bedding as well and always came back to sand as the easiest.

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