Best Netting for Run?

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    Mar 18, 2013
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    Hi everyone!

    I am building a daytime "playpen" run for my chickens, who currently stay in a very secure but fairly small coop and run enclosure 24/7. I'd like to give them a little more room to run and stretch their wings, and have a dog kennel I'm planning to use. The girls will only be in this run during the day and at times when I am home, so I'm not too worried about security. I do want to get a net to put over the top to keep hawks out and the hens inside, and am wondering what you all use to cover your runs when you use net. My suburban backyard is fairly densely wooded with very secure fencing, for what that's worth, and I have never seen any hawks in my area during the day, although I'm sure they're there. (I've been told they won't dive through the branches in thickly-wooded areas unless they're sure they can get what they're aiming for.)

    What material is your net?

    Most importantly, where did you find it? I can't locate seem to locate anything in town, so I'll most likely have to get something online.

    Thanks for your input!
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    To cover the top of a "daytime playpen" you could us deer netting. This will not stop most predators other than birds.
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    I purchased this off ebay based on recommendations on other threads. Various sizes are available.

    The quality seems decent, and there are extensive reviews. I haven't had it long enough to attest to durability, but it seems strong and UV resistant. It's easy to handle and install.

    I have used the inexpensive lightweight deer netting and have had problems with small birds getting caught in it. It's more difficult to work with than aviary netting.
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    Mar 18, 2013
    Central Arkansas
    Thank you for all the help, BYCers!

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