Best Netting To Cover The Top Of A Run


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Jan 7, 2009
Hi Everyone,
Me and my father are working on constructing the chicken's coop and run right now. We had planned on covering the top of the run due to hawk issues and my father claimed that "chicken wire" would be able to deter the hawks. I know that chicken wire is not useful when it comes to racoons etc but could it help with hawks?? My father wants to go with chicken wire because of its cheap price and the run is rather large...

We plan on using hardware cloth for the outside of the run. Any advice would be appreciated!
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Hi Guys.. LOVE a new coop

we use regular bird netting, its pretty cheap about $20 for a 25x50.. my neighbor uses the orange construction fence, swears the color scares critters off

and the daughter uses a retired fishing net.
chicken wire sounds like it would work great too..

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