Best nipples for automatic water system in winter?!?

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    Mar 3, 2015
    Greetings All!

    I am new the forum (just posted my introduction thread) and have a question that I searched for an answer to here and elsewhere and haven't had any here it goes.

    I am building an automatic water system for the coop that I am also building. I have found several cool ideas for these systems the seem to work well for folks during the freezing winter months (they involve coolers, heaters, pumps, and PVC lines with nipple waters).

    I think that this would be a great way to have available water for my future flock year round, and I am pretty sold on the idea of making one of these systems (but I am open to hear strong objections to these if there are any out there that have strong objections to these).

    My question is this: Which nipple waterer is the best for these systems...especially in the winter?

    My initial thought when I decided I was going to build one of these was to use the cup waterer nipples, so that leaking/dripping could be primarily avoided (because if there is one thing I have learned from you all, it's that moister is BAD!).

    After my initial thought, though, I started thinking about those cup waterers in the winter and my belief that any water in the cup bottom would freeze which would cause them to not work.

    Since then, I have noticed that the most of the watering systems I see like this you the nipples without the cups. My concern with those is that they leak a little or dribble water after the chickens take a drink. I know I can build a trough of sorts under them to help with that, but if the cup waterers would work then I wouldn't have to bother.

    Let me know your thoughts and experience with either of these. Thanks in advance!
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    Horizontal nipples are the only ones to use in winter, IMO, they are the best bet to stay thawed.
    Yes, there are a few drips when the birds drink, some birds are messier than others.
    The cups will definitely not work in freezing weather.

    What is your climate?....putting your location in your profile really helps folk give better answers.

    Here's a thread that's interesting: vertical-gravity-vs-horizontal-spring-loaded-watering-nipples

    Try the advanced search:
    advanced search>titles only>nipples
  3. db16gawingshot

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    Mar 3, 2015
    Thanks for the response; I really appreciate it. My location is Western Kentucky (growing region 5) and I will get that added to my profile right now!

    The climate here in the Ohio Valley is hot/humid/stagnant air in the Summer and fairly cold/wet winters (or at least this one is).

    I will check out the thread you sent looks like it might give me even more insight. I appreciate your help!

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