Best place to order guinea chicks?


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May 8, 2009
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We will be moving into our farm mid July and I'm trying to find a hatchery that will ship us guinea chicks during the summer. Are guinea chicks just too delicate to ship during the summer? And do certain colors do better? As in, not get picked off by predators because they don't stand out as much? I was going to try to incubate eggs, but that will take awhile and we really need the pest control. There's a serious ant problem in the yard.
It's difficult to ship any bird the hottest month of the year. Also keep in mind birds stop laying when its hot.

As far as colors go, I would imagine the regular colored guineas blend in best, since that's their wild type: black with white spots. Go for something medium or dark colored.

By the way, baby guineas are called "keets" not chicks.

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