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  1. Falkenhof

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    Nov 5, 2012
    I was very anti-rooster until recently because of a bad series of roosters when younger. They always seemed more a pain than a production. Of course, the rooster was just being a rooster, and no one can blame them.

    So, what is the best Rooster you've had? Or the worst?

    Recently I had to pick up a rooster and I must say he is really good. Flashy but not people aggressive, doesn't get aggressive with the hens, accepts new members of the flock near instantly, alert, protecting, and is making baby chicks. He is QUIET! A few crows a day and he settles back down. He also eats barely anything. The crossing of whatever he is has certainly produced very economical eaters, eating 10-30% less feed. Overall I couldn't ask for a better Rooster.

  2. animalsRawesome

    animalsRawesome Songster

    Apr 12, 2011
    The absolute worst rooster I ever had was a Buff Orpington. That thing would attack you every time you went outside.

    What kind of rooster did you get?
  3. scratch'n'peck

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    Oct 31, 2008
    West Michigan
    My Coop
    It just goes to show it isn't just the breed of the rooster that counts. My friendliest roosters are Buff Orpingtons and their pal the cochin. One reason they may not be aggressive is that they have never been alpha roosters in a flock. They live in the bachelor coop together. I have had some really well behaved Old English Game Roosters and another of that same breed who loved to kick my butt when ever I bent over.
  4. Lacey1988

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    Apr 7, 2011
    Best rooster- Romeo my SLW he has never even rushed me and he feeds his girls pretty well

    Worst was a black sex-link roo named Damien he is soooo mean I have scars on my legs from that demon with feathers...I should have known he was going to be mean because he flogged my hand when he was just a fuzzy butt lol...I didn't kill him though my moma still has him...he is sweet to her >:[

  5. Falkenhof

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    Nov 5, 2012
    He's a cross of a couple breeds, one of them Old English Game, which he resembles a lot. But like Scratch'n'Peck, he (Jumangi) was a low man among 5 other roosters + a rooster and his flock, so that could have something to do with his more docile disposition (as he had very minimal human contact before me).
  6. Uriel

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    [​IMG] Best cuddly roo Yeti
    [​IMG] My favorite super friendly full sized roo Shin Chan

    This is Chucky. He became pure evil somehow. He would flap at, charge and attack anyone on sight. He had some babies naturally, and his baby boy roo looks just like him, but is as pleasant as can be. Hmm. People loved getting attacked by him for some reason, it was hilarious and pretty painless, but i still culled him :p
  7. Sp0iledFl0ck

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    Oct 1, 2012
    My handsome rooster, my first, is a New Hampshire Red, and I've spoiled and cuddled him since four days old. He is Sir Roan of Castle Cluckmore, is now 26 weeks, has started to show some defensive behaviour when I scratch the hens under the wings playfully, but a firm "NO!!" and finger pointed in his direction are usually enough to stop him advancing further. He actually kicks and bites my husband, though he's trying the same correction with him and it's getting better. We also do the "rooster submission hold" on him when he does get outta hand; grab him, hold him down on the ground (gently) and he gives in rolls over on his side and stops kicking. He's kinda frozen in that position for a few seconds after I let go, too. I usually scold him verbally at the same time. I know a lot of this is because he's young, and it's almost Spring. He has never attacked us ever when we walk in, do anything in there, only when we grab a hen (especially if she squawks). We're just gonna be persistent. He does love to be cuddled, having his face rubbed, and lays his head on my shoulder when I rub under his wing. We adore him (and the 8 girls), and no one is getting eaten or "culled".


  8. redsoxs

    redsoxs Crowing

    Jul 17, 2011
    North Central Kansas
    My rooster, a Gold -Laced Wyandotte, is really turning out to be a good boy. He is gentle with his ladies and keep everyone in line. My hope is that if it ever becomes necessary to protect the flock from a hawk, he'll step up to the plate!
  9. speckledhen

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    I've had a series of wonderful roosters, mainly because I only breed from non-human aggressive males and they pass on their temperament to their sons 99% of the time. The huge Blue Orp in my avatar, may he rest in peace, did not have an aggressive bone in his sweet old body. I've had fabulous Barred Rock roosters, all passed on now.

    My current 4 year old Delaware rooster is amazingly gentle and friendly, as you can see in the video from when he met a family friend's daughter on a weekend visit:
    Another video from photobucket: Clips/?action=view&current=DSCN5537.mp4

    As I always say, I do not require my roosters to be cuddly, but I do require them to be intelligent enough not to attack the hand that feeds them. My philosophy is to keep the best, cull the rest. Now, the little Belgian D'Anver roosters are prone to aggression, so you expect it of them, but I've also had one of those who was sweet-tempered, going against the usual temperament found in males of that breed.
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  10. bj taylor

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    Oct 28, 2011
    North Central Texas
    i have my first rooster. he's a year old now. he's a black australorp. gosh, he's huge. such a big beautiful boy. so far so good. he fights off hawks, doesn't attack people & is good w/the girls.

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