Best Squirrel trap!


11 Years
Jun 23, 2008
Mojave, CA
I've been having troubles with Squirrels getting my eggs. I know it's them because I have seen them stealing.

Anyway, I have been using a Squirrel trap with fairly good success.

Then last week as the weather was getting hot, I noticed a trend: I would go out to feed the goats and find a dead-drowned squirrel in the half-full 5 gallon bucket used for the goats water.

It seems as if they hang from their back legs to try and get a drink from the half-full bucket. Then they must slip and fall in and the drown because they can't get out.

Last week alone, I got 5 Squirrels in the trap and SEVEN in the water bucket! I one day alone there was 4 drowned Squirrels in the water.

Just thougt I would pass along this nifty idea - 5 gallon bucket + 2.5 gallons of water = cheap Squirrel trap

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